Elementary Principals Letter

Dear Parents/Guardians:

The Stoughton Elementary School Principals send you greetings and assurances that we are working together daily on the reopening of school for September. As you know, the proposed plans, options and scenarios are varied and dependent upon a number of factors. The final decision will be announced within a couple weeks.

We realize how difficult it is to not know exact information in order to plan for your child (ren), your own life, and work commitments. We continue to be committed along with Dr. Marcus, Superintendent of Schools, in planning to meet the needs of all students and teachers to be in a safe and healthy learning environment.

Because information is being added and updated daily from different sources including the state Department of Education, definitive answers are not available quite yet. However, we continue to be available to speak or email our parents and welcome you to reach out to us even if it’s just to connect and say hello.

Please call your child’s principal at the phone numbers below. We shall be happy to answer questions and explain as best we can the current planning for September’s school reopening.


Mr. Robert Cancellieri
Joseph R. Dawe, Jr. Elementary School

Mrs. Christine Feeney
781-344- 7006
Helen H. Hansen Elementary School

Mr, David Guglia
781-344- 7008
Joseph H. Gibbons Elementary School

Mrs. Kathleen Monahan
Richard L. Wilkins Elementary School

Mrs. Maureen Mulvey
South Elementary School