Parent/Guardian Info and Survey

Dear SPS Community-

Hope everyone is doing well in this hot stretch of summer!

I am writing today to provide an update on our Fall Reopening plans and to share another opportunity for parents/guardians to understand our current thinking and provide feedback on those potential plans

Some key points about the process:

1. Seven working groups consisting of a wide array of individuals have been researching, discussing, debating, and refining options since the middle of June. It has been a complex process as guidelines and regulations continue to be revised with new research and shifts in the pandemic.

2. Our first task was to develop three contingency plans to be presented to DESE by the end of July. These plans are simply meant to show the state that we have different options based on the status of the pandemic over time.

3. A final plan, which may be one or a combination of those contingency plans, will be voted on by the School Committee, and that plan must be negotiated with the teachers’ union and others. That final plan will be presented to the community as soon as we can (by Aug. 10th), and will include a number of details on in-school and remote options, curriculum at all levels, transportation, safety plans, food services, and more.

4. The survey below is meant to give us more specific information but is not a vote.

5. Full, detailed contingency plans and the final Reopening plan will be released to the community soon.

In full transparency, after a significant amount of research and planning so far, we are unlikely to present a plan where ALL students will return in person and, similarly, we are leaning away from a plan that has ALL students remote (given the current conditions). However, as has been the case since March, things can change quickly based on a number of factors. Importantly, as per DESE regulations, a fully remote learning option for families will be a part of our plan regardless of the specific model.

Please take the new Parent/Guardian Survey linked below. NOTE- You can only take the survey ONCE but it allows for individual responses for multiple students.



We will be in touch this week with an update and more details on the planning.

Thank you.

Dr. Marcus, Superintendent